Network Marketing Success Depends On Your Team

Your network marketing business will not be successful if your team isn’t successful.

There are a lot of ways you can build up your MLM team, and one of the easiest is to have a birthday club.

Simply put them on a list and send them birthday cards every year.  You might also want to send them cards at other times during the year to remind them you’re available to help them.

You might also consider sending gifts to the best performers in your Birthday Club.  This could be one of your own products or services or it could be totally unrelated to your business like a funny mug or even a gift basket.

Be creative and show your team members how much you appreciate them.

Sending out birthday cards can be time consuming if you go to the store, select and buy the cards, write the messages, address and stamp the envelopes, and get them in the mail – and do it every month.

One possible solution is to outsource it.  Hire someone to take care of all of the details and all you have to do is make sure it’s been taken care of.  There is also software available that will help with some aspects like addressing and stamping envelopes for you.

The BEST option, however, is to use an automated system that allows you to handle this with a few clicks of the mouse.  Join me for my next product overview to see how easy it can be.  Register here ==>

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